Zoning & Permits Information

Zoning in North East Borough

According to the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, “Zoning is intended to promote, protect, and facilitate the public health, safety, morals, general welfare, coordinated and practical community development, proper density of population, civil defense, the provisions of adequate light and air, police protection, vehicle parking and loading space, transportation, water, sewerage, schools, public grounds and other public requirements as well as preventing the overcrowding of land, light danger and congestion in travel and transportation, loss of health, life or property from fire, flood, panic, or other dangers.  More specifically these broad purposes are designed to clearly achieve the objectives of the North East Regional Comprehensive Plan and the North East Regional Comprehensive Plan updates.”

Zoning does not address building construction codes or property maintenance requirements.  Those standards and requirements, while possibly related, are not part of zoning and are administered separately from zoning.

Permits and Applications

The North East Borough Zoning Ordinance states: “No structure shall be located, erected, constructed, reconstructed, moved, altered, converted, or enlarged, nor shall any structure or land be used or be designed to be used except in full compliance with all the provisions of this Zoning Ordinance and after the lawful issuance of all permits required by this Zoning Ordinance.”

Always check with the borough office before undertaking any of the actions listed above.  For specific requirements, please refer to the Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map.

To obtain a Zoning or Zoning Occupancy Permit or Certificate, complete the online forms through the link below “Zoning Permit Request Online Forms” or download the Zoning Certificate Application or Zoning Occupancy Permit Application and submit the application to the Borough Office.

Building Permits

Forms & Documents:

Zoning and Zoning Occupancy Certificates are issued through the Borough Office.  These certificates, as previously stated, only deal with land or property use.  Building standards and Uniform Construction Code administration is performed by the North East Area Code Administration (NEACA).  After obtaining a Zoning Certificate or Zoning Occupancy Permit, contact NEACA officials to obtain any necessary Building Permits.  NEACA may be contacted at:

NEACA North East Township Building
10300 West Main Road
North East, PA  16428
Phone: (814) 725-8606

NEACA will not typically issue a Building Permit unless an approved Zoning Certificate, or a letter from the Zoning Administrator stating no certificate is required, has been issued.

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