Our History

North East Borough land was first purchased from the state by a man named Brown, who sold it to an Eastern speculator by the name of Gibson in 1804. In 1808, a tavern was built on the site of what is now Haynes House. A village formed around the tavern and was called Burgettstown. In 1819 the name was changed to Gibsonville in honor of the speculator, who owned most of the property and who had donated the park in the center of the borough.

On February 27, 1834, the village was incorporated as the Borough of North East.

North East Township was first called Lower Greenfield. But when it was organized, the name North East was given because of its position as the most northeastern township of the original sixteen (16) townships. North East was the first of the lakeshore townships to be settled. Joseph Shadduck, who came from Vermont, was the first, purchasing a tract in 1794 near the center of the township. George and Henry Hurst, from New Jersey, followed and, with Shadduck, made a settlement. By 1820, the township had 1,068 residents; by 1880, it had 2,152.

old picture of downtown north east
businesses in downtown North East

North East Borough

North East is a Borough in Erie County, 14 miles (23 km) northeast of Erie PA. Fruit growing was an early economic endeavor, and is still to this day, as this is a popular area for cherries and grapes. Additionally, the town has a very strong industrial base with several food service and manufacturing companies providing jobs and revenue for the area. The two volunteer fire companies that serve the Borough hold an annual Cherry Festival in July. An annual Wine Country Harvest Festival is the highlight of fall in September, and many other community events throughout the year make North East a memorable place. North East is served by the top-rated North East School District and other private elementary schools. The name North East seems to be a misnomer since the borough is located in extreme northwestern Pennsylvania, but it is so named for its northeastern-most location within Erie County. Downtown North East is on the National Registry of Historic Places and has been since the early 1990’s. North East is also home to some of the best fishing in the world with steelhead, perch and whitefish being the primary game fish.

Our Residents Love Us Because….

We strive to be a welcoming and family-friendly borough for our residents.  With our convenient location, small town feel, freshwater beach, wineries and amazing restaurants, North East Borough is a great place to live and raise a family. To us, we are all family. See why living in North East Borough provides such a fantastic way of life.

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You Should Visit Us Because….

We offer many signature events throughout the year that are open to the public in our community. We host festivals and parades annually, and we have a number of popular attractions here in North East that our residents love and tourists rave about! We offer summer retreats, world class fishing, and there are many great wineries to tour. While you’re visiting, enjoy your stay at one of our family-friendly hotels or cozy cottages on the lake front, where you can view our breathtaking sunsets. Visit us today and stop by one of our favorite attractions to make it your favorite too!

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You Should do Business Here Because….

Business in North East Borough isn’t just business. It means being able to grow your company while helping our community reach its peak potential. We have plenty of available space and land that are conveniently located in the heart of historic North East, making it the perfect location for residents and visitors alike. Our borough is a growing community and has talented residents that are eager to start their career with you! North East Borough businesses are thriving within our friendly community. Is your business next?

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We are North East

We are lucky to have one of two (2) guarded lakefront beaches in PA in our backyard. Lake Erie provides many benefits including enjoyable weather, breathtaking sunsets, and all four seasons – which makes North East Borough a popular tourist attraction and a great place to live!

We care about the growth of our town and the people in it. We hope to see you soon, experiencing everything we love so much! Contact us today for any questions or concerns.

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Borough Government

Elected Officials

Bobbi Jo Morey


Nancy Anderson

Borough Council Member

picture of a man with glasses and a orange button up shirt with a candy-corn tie

Bill Beardsley

Borough Council Member

Todd Luke

Borough Council Member

Heather Jones

Borough Council Member

Ryan McGregor

Borough Council Member

Amber Belson

Borough Council Member

a man wearing a navy blue suit and a red tie

Dan Miller, Esq.

Borough Solicitor

Borough Staff
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Patrick J. Gehrlein

Borough Manager

Wayne Yokom

Streets Department / Code Enforcement

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Julio Pazmino

Wastewater Department

Sean Lam

Police Chief

Tyler Simmer

Interim Water Department Superintendent

We’d Love to Hear from You!

We believe in growth and because of that, North East Borough is what it is today! North East Borough cares about your interests and concerns. We’re happy to help and look forward to hearing from you. Contact us today and one of our representatives will help you as soon as possible!