Parks and Recreation

Gibson Park

The Borough of North East maintains three parks inside the Borough limits and jointly operates one park at Freeport Beach with North East Township.  The center piece is Gibson Park right in the middle of town, at the intersection of Lake and Main Streets, with several planned activities throughout the year for all ages. Everyone is welcome to come and sit under the canopy of trees, which shade the park in the summer, or play in the snow blanketing it in the winter.

For high density events such as the Annual North East Firemen’s Cherry Festival where large venues gather, we have Heard Memorial Park at 40 North Lake Street near Gibson Park. This park boasts a playground for young children, a full concession stand and stage for plays and music plus a large restroom facility for all events.

Tucked away on the banks of Sixteen Mile Creek on the south side of town off of Wellington Street is Creekside Park, which is undeveloped but groomed.  It has picnic tables and shade for just getting away for an afternoon without interruption of traffic or the phone.

Lastly, Freeport Beach is jointly managed by the Borough and Township and is located about 1.5 miles north of the Borough right on Lake Erie. Our beach is staffed during the summertime with fully certified lifeguards, and has a concession stand with restrooms for the public use. There are several pavilions and a playground that everyone can use for family events on a first come first serve basis, from sunrise to sunset.

Anyone can use our parks to in play or relax. The Borough requires the use of permits for all events that are submitted to the Borough Council for approval.  There are VERY small fees and deposits required to ensure that the parks are returned to their original state, and to pay for the upkeep and maintenance.

Parks and Facility Use

Any request to use the parks, streets or other facilities shall submit a NE Parks Request Form BEFORE being placed on the Borough Council Agenda.  You can submit either by mail or in person at the Borough Hall on W. Main St. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that applicant’s requesting the use of the parks and facilities be present at the Borough Council Meeting.

All Fees and Deposits shall be paid in advance and refunds will be given only after the inspection of the premises is completed.

There is a $50.00 deposit required with any application.  Certain “non-profit” groups may be waived from paying a deposit.  The following list is the fees required for each location:

  • Gibson Park:  $50 deposit–kept if park not cleaned
  • Gibson Park Electricity Use:  $10/day electricity charge if needed, multi-day events shall be hooked up to meter pole and charged for actual use.
  • Heard Park:    $50 deposit–kept if park not cleaned
  • Heard Park Restroom:  $50 deposit–kept if not cleaned
  • Heard Park Concession:  $50 deposit plus $10/day electricity charge
  • Heard Park Band Stand:  $50 deposit plus $10/day electricity charge
  • Dumpster Charge for large events:  $160 per load–4-yard dumpster

The Borough of North East reserves the right to require proof of “non-profit” status, event liability insurance and a security plan.  Contact the Borough Hall for specifics for your event.

Special Events

Several Organizations hold large events within the Borough limits throughout the year. In order to provide the safest venue possible, we require a letter to the Borough Council with a full description and purpose of the event, with the North East Borough Parks & Facilities Request Form attached no later than 60 days prior to the event.  Ideally any organization that has an annual event should anticipate submitting an annual request for the event in time for the February Borough Council Meeting. All running, walking and biking events shall have a detailed map attached. Any event that requires a state road to be closed, shall have the PENNDOT Special Events Form filled out and attached. Upon approval, the Borough will submit the approved form to PENNDOT Regional Office in Oil City, plus notify the North East Police and Fire Departments and the North East Area Emergency Management Coordinator. It is the requesting organizations responsibility to provide event insurance and a security and safety plan when required. Please download a copy of the required special event emergency planning tools on our Emergency Services page.

**NOTE–the PENNDOT Special Event Form is obtained from the PENNDOT District 1 Office in Oil City PA at (814) 678-7154.

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