Streets Department

Borough Streets

The Borough’s Streets Department maintains approximately 15 miles of streets, four public parks, all signage and operates the municipal garbage and recycling collection systems.

The Borough maintains its own municipal garbage collection system and is conducted once a week during the winter and twice a week from June through September.  All garbage must be in a suitable trash bag or trash can not to exceed 35 gallons in size.  View the attached schedule of pickup days for Borough residents.  The Borough does have dumpsters available for special projects or businesses for a fee; please contact the Borough Office for information on sizes and prices.  We do not pick up construction debris or hazardous materials.

The Borough of North East is a recycling community since the early 1980’s.  North East Borough residents can now participate in a single stream recycling program and no longer have to sort recyclables.  Here is a list of accepted items to place curbside in the current bins or in a trash container clearly marked recycle and NO LARGER than 35 gallons.    Residents of North East Borough will no longer be permitted to dispose of glass or plastic bags through the borough’s recycling program.  Recycling placed in plastic bags will no longer be picked up.

Picture during the day at the corner of West Main Street in downtown North East

The Borough of North East collects E-Cycling materials the same day normal recycling is collected.  Separate your E-Cycling materials from your normal recycling and place them in two separate piles.  The same truck will collect both your normal recycling and your E-Cycling.  Here is a list of Acceptable Materials for Electronics Recycling.

Please note: Televisions and computer monitors are no longer permitted to be placed curbside.  North East Borough now has biannual collection days held (in May & September) at the Streets Garage for residents of North East Borough to drop off televisions and computer monitors.  There is a fee of $10.00 each to cover the costs of the disposal of these items.

For information on Code Enforcement and other Streets Department services; contact the Streets Department at (814) 725-1315.

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